We are committed to ending the mass
incarceration of women & girls.

The United States is the global leader in
locking up women & girls.

One third of the world’s women prisoners are locked up in the U.S. even though just 4% of the world’s female population lives here. In Pennsylvania, the incarceration rate of women and girls exceeds that of every other nation on earth. 

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Women & girls are incarcerated in prisons, jails, & juvenile facilities across the U.S.

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Of incarcerated women are the victims of prior sexual assault & gender violence. 

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Of women in prison are mothers to children under the age of 18.


Direct Assistance

Expert assistance for women and girls fighting wrongful convictions and unjust sentences. We offer research, strategy, and expert testimony.

Research & Public Policy Advocacy

Policy-relevant research on gender and mass incarceration that centers and amplifies the voices of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls.

Education & Training

Educational programming, training, and technical assistance for stakeholders including families, advocates, students, attorneys, and members of the judiciary.


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Welcome Francine! Each week we’ll be introducing you to our dedicated crew of summer 2023 interns. We’re so delighted to have them on board! ...

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We had genuinely hoped to be celebrating this milestone birthday in person with Sylvia Boykin and her family. Unfortunately election years are not the best time for commutation applicants. Everyone who applied for commutation in Sylvia’s cohort (including Sylvia) was turned down. We’re hoping for a better outcome the next time around so that she is home for her next birthday. She has earned a #secondchance ...

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There will never be another like Tina Turner. One of our fav quotes from her:”You asked me if I ever stood up for anything. Yeah. I stood up for my life.” Rest in Power 👑 ...

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Spotted in West Philly: Housing Keeps Youth Free. Is this one of yours @peoplespaperco_op ? ...

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TONIGHT (Wednesday May 17, 7 pm EST). Join us live on Zoom. Link to register @map_philly ...

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Save the date, school is in session!! Join @jill.mccorkel & @blak_rapp for a zoom event about why we need to end the mass incarceration of women (& everybody). Link to register in bio. @map_philly @genderjusticephilly #mascallymonth ...

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No more stolen sisters. In some regions in the US, the murder rate of Native women is 10x the national average. This is an urgent crisis at the intersection of colonization, racism, & misogyny that we cannot afford to ignore. Learn more @niwrc #mmiwg ...

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Prisons & jails for women have a long history of not providing even basic legal resources. Today women incarcerated on State Road do not have access to law books. The only books in their “law library” are Nicholas Sparks novels. Gender inequality at its finest. Smdh. #wrongfulconviction ...

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Happy International Worker’s Day! Seems like a good day to demand equal pay for equal work, a living wage, an end to exploitative working conditions, reproductive freedom, free day care, safe & affordable housing, quality education, clean water, and universal health care. ...

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Want to start a chapter of Philly Justice Project on your campus? Contact us! We’d love to chat. #wrongfulconviction #metoo #endmassincarceration #socialjustice #sayhername ...

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Happiest of birthdays to India Spellman!!! We ❤️ you @indi___500 & can’t wait to celebrate 🥳🎂🎉 ...

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The detective’s name is Donald Suchinsky & he has since been fired. Prosecutors have filed charges against him including aggravated indecent assault, official oppression, & stalking. He is currently free on bail. ...

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Shout out to all 14(!!!) members of our undergrad chapter @villanovau who attended #innocenceconference with us last week. We had a blast, learned so much, & met so many amazing people doing justice work. Can’t wait for next year in Nola!!! @innocencenetwork ...

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The vast majority of women exonerees were convicted for things that turned out not to be crimes all. Accidental fires prosecuted as arson, deaths that were the result of undiagnosed health conditions prosecuted as murder. Their stories need to be heard. So grateful for #innocenceconference for featuring Johnetta Carr, Jane Dorotik, Ginny Lefever, and Tonia Miller as panelists. Their stories speak to all the ways that sexism, racism, poverty, and police/prosecutorial/expert witness misconduct undermine justice & fact finding. #wrongfulconviction ...

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Loving the swag at @innocencenetwork conference 🖤 ...

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